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photo of Andrew Petersen at U of T Mississauga
(photo by Drew Lesiuczok)

Andrew Petersen wins 2018-2019 OCUFA Teaching Award

November 20, 2019

Andrew Petersen, an associate professor, teaching stream in the University of Toronto Mississauga’s department of mathematical and computational sciences, has received the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association’s 2018-2019 OCUFA Teaching Award for his contributions to the advancement of innovation in teaching and learning practices.

Petersen trained to design and program computer chips, but discovered a passion for pedagogy as a teaching assistant during his graduate studies. 

He has created reading groups for students and colleagues to stay up-to-date on best practices and new pedagogical research, and established the website for U of T’s tri-campus Computer Science Education Research Group

“Andrew has made a huge difference, particularly in the educational research community,” says Michelle Craig, associate professor, teaching stream with the department of computer science on the St. George campus. “This has changed the way we teach, and improves our practice all the time.”

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