Research and Innovation

Research & Innovation

The University of Toronto is a leader in research and innovation, with significant impact both locally and globally. Our outstanding research scholars are committed to understanding and solving the challenges that face us today - and look forward to what is possible for the future.


Three University of Toronto faculty members and a PhD student have been honoured with prestigious awards from the Royal Society of Canada, the nation’s academy of scholars, scientists and artists.

As part of its mandate to promote academic excellence, the Royal Society administers more than 20 awards  – many named after great Canadian scholars – for outstanding achievement in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts. 

While thousands of visitors to Algonquin Provincial Park were canoeing and camping this summer, a small band of third-year University of Toronto ec

Choong Chin Liew was a visionary research scientist whose work on cardiovascular genetics is still paving the way for early detect


Geoffrey Hinton, U of T's Godfather of Deep Learning