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“I feel as if I have a community, but just a few steps outside and I’m in the heart of the city. You certainly don’t feel like you’re alone, you feel like you’re a part of a living system.”

B.Sc. 2014, MSc candidate, Neuropharmacology/psychopharmacology


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Did you know that engineering students can participate in the Professional Experience Year internship program? You get a full-time engineering job for 12 to 16 months, partway through your undergraduate degree.

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Student News at U of T 

Photo of Kevin Wang with Nobel Laureate Michael Young

For this U of T medicine alumnus, a chance to meet his Nobel laureate heroes

For Kevin Wang, the idea of meeting some of his scientific heroes (and Nobel laureates) had been a dream – until this summer.

The recent University of Toronto MD/PhD graduate was among the first five Canadian scientists to be nominated to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. The annual event brings together about 40 Nobel laureates and 600 undergraduate students, PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers from 84 countries around the world. The idea is to foster dialogue and share knowledge and ideas across generations, cultures and disciplines.

Photo of students on farm during sunset

U of T graduate students experience life on the farm for pastoral literature course

This summer, Professor Andrea Most’s American Pastoral course taught students what it’s like to work in the field – literally.

Going back to ancient times, pastoral literature has idealized rural life and landscapes for urban audiences, often relocating a troubled urban character to a rural setting for reflection and redemption. In a world facing dire environmental challenges, the course examined the relevance of the pastoral mode today.

Photo of mentorship program

U of T summer mentorship program creates connections for Black and Indigenous youth

Weaving needles into silicon skin pads isn’t what you’d expect many high school students to do on their summer break.

But this workshop in suturing – which creates strong, supportive connections to seal a wound – is just one example of the experiences offered by the University of Toronto's summer mentorship program (SMP). It’s also a metaphor for the program’s goals.