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B.Sc. 2014, MSc candidate, Neuropharmacology/psychopharmacology


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U of T medical students Semir Bulle and Chantal Phillips with Dr. Onye Nnorom, MD Black health lead of the MD program

'When you grow up not knowing or seeing a single doctor of colour ... it makes you question why things are the way they are'

The Faculty of Medicine’s Black Student Application Program (BSAP), which began in 2017, provides a more culturally safe admission pathway for Black students to medical school. Modelled on a similar pathway for Indigenous students, BSAP welcomed its first cohort in September.
Now, after one term in U of T’s MD program, Faculty of Medicine writer Liam Mitchell spoke with two students who participated in BSAP – Chantal Phillips and Semir Bulle – to discuss their experiences and reflections on why BSAP matters.
Photo of Chantal Phillips

Faculty of Medicine program opens opportunities to Black MD students

Growing up, Chantal Phillips was not sure whether medical school was for her. It wasn’t because she wasn’t interested, but because she couldn’t see anyone like herself practising medicine.
Now in her first year of the MD program at the University of Toronto, she reflected on how race and poverty made medical school seem unattainable at a recent public consultation session on the Black Student Application Program (BSAP). The program launched in early 2017 and welcomed its first cohort this fall.
photo of burnt truck in Fort McMurray

Study of Fort McMurray homes after wildfire should give residents 'peace of mind': U of T researchers

Despite devastating 2016 wildfires that turned skies grey and forced an evacuation of Fort McMurray, Alta., University of Toronto researchers have found no evidence of harmful levels of residual toxic substances in local homes.

Instead, their study of more than 60 homes in Fort McMurray found levels of contaminants comparable to homes across Canada.