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How to study for exams: Experts give tips to change bad habits

For some students, they are the most emotionally charged words in education: exam season. 

It’s a stressful time, whether it’s your first or last round of exams. If you’ve developed poor study habits, or can feel yourself developing them, there are ways to turn things around.   

We spoke to students about their studying habits, then asked University of Toronto experts for their take on preparing for exams.

“I have to start studying right away”

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'The backbone of good data': U of T alumnus on blockchain and why students would be wise to study it

Bitcoin and blockchain – the technology on which the cryptocurrency is built – were introduced together more than 10 years ago. These days, however, the application of blockchain technology has extended far beyond securing the mere transfer of Bitcoins. 

“Blockchain technology is positioned to become the backbone of good data – for any organization,” says Mehran Hydary, the blockchain delivery lead at Deloitte Canada. 

U of T Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education to boost PhD funding, expand graduate programs

The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education will launch a series of initiatives to enhance the graduate student experience. 

The initiatives include an immediate increase in PhD minimum base funding and an expansion of graduate student support programs such as professional skills development and peer-mentorship.