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“Toronto is its own kind of urban laboratory – it’s incredibly diverse – and so using those skills you are learning in school and then applying them in practice was a superbly valuable experience.”

city planner, urban studies alumnus


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U of T News for Students

Donald Trump’s presidency is raising the risk of violent conflict among the world’s great powers, says U of T political scientist

U.S. President Donald Trump has adopted a radically different approach to international diplomacy that’s confounding allies and adversaries alike.

Aisha Ahmad, an assistant professor of political science at U of T Scarborough, specializing in international security and director of the Islam and Global Affairs Initiative at the Munk School of Global Affairs, spoke recently with U of T's Scott Anderson on why this should have us all concerned.

Iron Chef: And then there were 3…

Chef James Piggott, coach of the University of Toronto’s Iron Chef team, dished out some tough love on Valentine’s Day.

At their Tuesday practice, he had to choose one student chef to cut from the team. The three remaining members will face McGill University, University of Ottawa and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in a cookoff later this month. The fourth student becomes an understudy this year – but is guaranteed a spot next year.

7 reasons to pack your bags and study abroad: U of T student photos

You could be pulling yet another all-nighter in the Robarts group study room next year, or you could start planning to take your studies on the road. 

The photos below should make you want to pack your bags.

They were submitted to U of T's Centre for International Experience (CIE) as part of the annual photography contest. This year, CIE's 8th annual photo contest is taking submissions until Feb. 19.