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Convocation 2017 is on now!


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An experience at Canada's leading research university wouldn't be complete without some research experience. Beginning in second year, undergraduate students can work on research projects with U of T professors, for course credit.

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Student News at U of T 

Photo of mouse lemur's face at close range

U of T anthropologist Malcolm Ramsay asks, “Why didn’t the lemur cross the road?”

Something to Google today: mouse lemurs.

They weigh only about 50g and have big brown eyes. You may think you’re looking at a very cute rodent. You’re not.

Despite their name, mouse lemurs are actually primates – and our evolutionary relatives.

“We share a few key features with mouse lemurs like bigger that average brains, similar hands and skeletal structure, and certain visual traits,” says Malcolm Ramsay. “That’s where it ends though. Lemurs, all 100-plus species of them, are incredibly unique and diverse.”

photo of Munk One student Nicoli Dos Santos

#UofTGrad17: Munk One celebrates its first cohort of U of T graduates

Since it launched in 2013, the Munk One foundation program for students in their first year has attracted and taught some of the University of Toronto’s most audacious students.

Students walking towards Convocation Hall

#UofTGrad17: Grads from Innis, Woodsworth and Trinity Colleges are ready to change the world

Faculty of Arts & Science students from three colleges crossed the stage at Convocation Hall to receive their degrees today, sharing the platform with honorary degree recipient Margaret MacMillan at the morning ceremony and with honorary degree recipient Peter Mansbridge in the afternoon.