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E.g., 08/10/2022
Janet Ecker

Janet Ecker takes over from Brian Lawson as chair of U of T’s Governing Council

July 18, 2022

Janet Ecker knows her way around large institutions – she served as finance minister and education minister in the Ontario government;

Our Community Governing Council, Meric Gertler

Students collect local stories as part of digital history project on Oshawa's 'Motor City'

July 18, 2022

For more than a century, the General Motors Co. plant in Oshawa – once one of the biggest automotive assembly plants in the world – has been the lifeblood of the community.

Our Community Canadian History, Faculty of Arts & Science, Humanities, Jackman Humanities Institute
Gates that say University of Toronto with trees

U of T accepts all recommendations of sexual violence and sexual harassment policy review

July 15, 2022

The University of Toronto is taking steps to boost its supports for those affected by sexual violence or harassment, address barriers to reporting and take a leadership role within the university sector to address... Our Community Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre, Cheryl Regehr, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, Meric Gertler, Sexual & Gender Diversity Office


Dynamic building facades inspired by marine organisms could reduce heating, cooling and lighting costs

July 15, 2022

A new, low-cost “optofluidic” system designed by University of Toronto researchers – and inspired by marine life like fish, crab and krill – could help buildings save energy by dynamically changing the appearance of their exteriors.

Breaking Research, Our Community Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Graduate Students, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Materials Science, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Reverse engineering the heart: U of T researchers create bioartificial left ventricle

July 15, 2022

University of Toronto researchers in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering have grown a small-scale model of a human left heart ventricle in the lab.

Breaking Research, Our Community Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, Research & Innovation

Researcher uses ‘fuzzy’ AI algorithms to aid people with memory loss

July 14, 2022

A new computer algorithm developed by the University of Toronto’s Parham Aarabi can store and recall information strategically – just like our brains.

Our Community Artificial Intelligence, Brain, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, machine learning, Memory

U of T researcher examines how two volcanic eruptions forever changed the flightless brown kiwi

July 13, 2022

When two massive volcanic eruptions blanketed New Zealand in ash, they forever changed the genetics of the brown kiwi bird, a new study from the University of Toronto Scarborough has found. 

Breaking Research, Our Community Global, Research & Innovation, U of T Scarborough
row of police in the foreground with protestors in the background. One of them holds a sign that says "we need to take care of each other"

'We have urgent work to do': New book by U of T's Kent Roach on why Canadian policing needs to change

July 13, 2022

Kent Roach has thought a lot about policing throughout his lifetime. He even aspired to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as a young boy. 

Our Community Faculty of Law

Fahad Razak on why he's passionate about the Ontario Science Advisory Table – and the important work ahead

July 12, 2022

Fahad Razak became the scientific director of Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Advisory Table earlier this year and already he’s been at the centre of questions on mask mandates, wastewater signals and the table’s move from the Universi

Our Community COVID-19, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Unity Health, St. Michael's Hospital