Roger Grosse

Roger Grosse awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship

Machine learning researcher Roger Grosse, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Arts & Science’s department of computer science, has received a Sloan Research Fellowship.

A Canada Research Chair in Probabilistic Inference and Deep Learning, Grosse is contributing to fundamental advances in artificial intelligence (AI), particularly in the deep neural networks (DNN) used for language processing, vision systems and e-commerce. 

“I am humbled and honored to receive the Sloan Fellowship which has supported generations of outstanding researchers,” Grosse said. “It will help enormously to push forward my research on understanding neural network training dynamics and using this understanding to improve neural nets' efficiency, robustness and ease of use. I’m grateful for the career opportunities this recognition unlocks.”

Grosse’s work is yielding advances in understanding of what makes DNNs work and how to fully optimize network architectures and algorithms so that they train faster, generalize better, can reveal the underlying structure of a problem and make more robust decisions.  He is also producing significant theoretical results – for example, with advances related to how networks converge on solutions. 

While his work is contributing to the greater realization of the potential of machine learning’s positive impact on computer science and real-world challenges, Grosse also investigates the ethics of AI to ensure that AI systems are consistent with human values.

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