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(photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Dr. Frances Shepherd named University Professor

March 9, 2020

Dr. Frances Shepherd, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and a senior staff physician and the Scott Taylor Chair in Lung Cancer Research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, has been named a University Professor.

“Professor Shepherd’s exceptional scholarly achievements have made her one of the most distinguished lung cancer researchers worldwide and established the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre as one of the top lung cancer research centres in the world,” Vice-President and Provost Cheryl Regher said.

Dr. Shepherd’s research has contributed to more than 530 publications. She has written 47 book chapters, designed and led more than 100 clinical trials, and mentored almost 50 post-graduate clinicians and clinician-scientists.

“It really is an honour to reach the pinnacle of academic success at a university that is at the pinnacle of academia at a global level,” Dr. Shepherd said. “Being a doctor, being a medical oncologist and in particular being a lung doctor is not a solo sport – it’s a team sport and that’s what the University of Toronto provides. I have so many colleagues that support me. I could never have done this on my own.”