photo of Keenan Ngo and Ozyka Videlia
Keenan Ngo is in the first year of his Master of Architecture studies and Ozyka Videlia is a a second-year architecture undergrad (photo courtesy John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design)

Daniels students win grand prize in Toronto Design Competition

Keenan Ngo and Ozyka Videlia have won the $2,500 grand prize in a student competition to create innovative and space-saving designs for condo interiors and amenity spaces.

The two students from the University of Toronto's John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design focused on the kitchen and bathroom – spaces with plenty of design challenges. For the kitchen, they came up with an innovative system of cabinets that slide vertically on the wall, to give the condo occupant easier access to the upper shelves. Hidden catches lock the assembly into place at the desired height. To replace a full-sized breakfast bar, they devised a skinny bar top that could fold away, accordion-style, into the wall of the unit, freeing up precious floor space.

For the bathroom, Ngo and Videlia came up with a plan that allows for a tub, a separate shower and a partitioned-off toilet-and-sink area within 40 square feet.

Ivy Chan and Wesley Fong, both Master of Architecture students, were named semi-finalists for their kitchen and bathroom designs. They won $500.

The contest was a partnership between Toronto developers Urban Capital and Spotlight Development.

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