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Mark Lautens
(photo by Geoffrey Vendeville)

Chemistry's Mark Lautens receives Alumni of Honour Award from the University of Guelph

July 8, 2020

Mark Lautens, a University Professor in U of T’s department of chemistry, has received an Alumni of Honour Award from the University of Guelph, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in 1981.

The award is one of three presented annually by the University of Guelph Alumni Association to graduates “for their outstanding achievements and commitment to excellence.”

Lautens was recognized for his research in organic chemistry, which has led to the design of new medicinal molecules. He has also trained and mentored more than 180 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and in recent years has written op-ed columns advocating for science to play a greater role in politics.

“Mark demonstrates excellence in scholarship, exceptional intellect, and brilliant creativity,” states the award citation. “But it is his care and compassion for people and society that transcends his work.”

Lautens credits his experience at Guelph for his decision to become a chemistry professor, and says he was pleased to receive the award – not solely for his own sake: “I was happy that the physical sciences division was recognized for their role in educating me.”

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