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Arthur Ripstein

Arthur Ripstein receives Killam Prize in humanities 

February 3, 2021

University Professor of law and philosophy Arthur Ripstein has been awarded the prestigious Killam Prize for the Humanities by the Canada Council for the Arts.

The prize recognizes select Canadian researchers who have achieved international scholarly eminence in their fields. 

“The Killam Prize is one of the most distinguished recognitions a Canadian scholar can receive,” said University Professor Jutta Brunnée, dean of the Faculty of Law. “Professor Ripstein has made innumerable, signal contributions to legal thought and philosophy, and so it is fitting that the Canadian Council for the Arts has chosen to recognize him with this most prestigious honour.” 

A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and author of several influential books, Ripstein joined U of T’s department of philosophy in 1987 and was jointly appointed to the Faculty of Law in 1999. 

“Arthur Ripstein is one of the most important legal and political philosophers in the world. The Killam Prize could not have gone to someone more deserving,” said Martin Pickavé, chair of the department of philosophy in the Faculty of Arts & Science. “Over the last 35 years, Arthur has crafted an impressive and hugely influential body of work while at the same time inspiring many students in law as well as in philosophy by his outstanding presence in the classroom.”

The Killam Prize is “such a high honour,” Ripstein said. “To be recognized for an academic career working in two disciplines – I am thrilled and humbled.”

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