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Jill Carter

Transformation, healing, empowerment and community: Jill Carter receives Early Career Teaching Award

June 18, 2020

Assistant Professor Jill Carter, at the Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies in the Faculty of Arts & Science, has received the Early Career Teaching Award – which recognizes exceptional commitment to student learning, pedagogy, and teaching innovation. 

An Anishinaabe-Ashkenazi researcher, Carter uses theatre to empower Indigenous communities. She incorporates Indigenous storytelling, knowledge systems, and pedagogical models into contemporary theatre performance and transforms narratives of oppression into creative work. 

“Indigenous students have long comprised the most underserved and underrepresented body of students in North America,” says Carter. “I devise program initiatives that specifically address their experience.”

Carter has worked on the Jackman Humanities Institute’s Re-Membering Ourselves in Deep Time project, as well as with First Story Toronto as researcher and tour guide. She values community engagement, activism, and collaborative learning outside the university. 

Carter says she is both humbled and heartened by the award and it will “reinvigorate my desire to infuse younger generations with respect, dedication and passion for the craft of making theatre.”

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