Ted Sargent and Barbara Sherwood Lollar
(photos by Johnny Guatto and Perry King)

Ted Sargent and Barbara Sherwood Lollar awarded Killam Prizes

For research and scholarship that has changed the landscape of their fields, Barbara Sherwood Lollar and Ted Sargent have each received a Killam Prize from the Canada Council for the Arts.

The $100,000 prizes are the top annual award given by the council and recognize sustained excellence by leading researchers.

A leader in planetary geology and globally renowned for her discovery of billion-year-old groundwater, Sherwood Lollar is a University Professor in the department of Earth sciences in the Faculty of Arts & Science and a Canada Research Chair in Isotope Geochemistry of the Earth and the Environment.  

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A pioneer in nanotechnology and an expert in clean energy, University Professor Sargent is a Canada Research Chair in Nanotechnology in the Edward S. Rogers Sr. department of electrical and computer engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. 

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“Professors Sherwood Lollar and Sargent are trail-blazing scientists whose work has significantly changed our understanding of their fields,” says Professor Vivek Goel, the University of Toronto’s vice-president, research and innovation, and strategic initiatives. “These awards are richly deserved and the university thanks the Canada Council and the Killam Trusts for their support of our outstanding scholars.”