Kieran Quinn wins 2022 John Charles Polanyi Prize in medicine

Physician Kieran Quinn, an assistant professor in the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine and a general internist and palliative care physician at the Sinai Health, has been recognized with the prestigious John Charles Polanyi Prize for medicine.

An expert on the post-COVID-19 condition, also known as “long COVID,” Quinn seeks to improve access to health care and quality of care for patients near the end of life through his research – with a particular focus on patients with heart failure and the post-COVID-19 condition.

Named after John Polanyi, a University Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Arts & Science's department of chemistry and winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in chemistry, the Polanyi Prize is awarded by the Council of Ontario Universities to as many as five early-career researchers from Ontario universities. This year, U of T faculty comprised all five winners.

“The work of these innovators serves as exceptional examples of the ground-breaking research taking place across Ontario’s postsecondary sector,” says Jill Dunlop, minister of colleges and universities. “Their efforts to investigate some of society’s most pressing issues drives progress, generates investment and creates jobs – all leading to a better future for the next generation of Ontarians.”

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