Jason Harlow

Jason Harlow (supplied photo)

Jason Harlow awarded CAP Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Jason Harlow, a professor, teaching stream, in the University of Toronto’s department of physics in the Faculty of Arts & Science, has been awarded the 2023 Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching from the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP).

Awarded annually, the medal honours faculty members who have a comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of their subject and the ability to communicate this to their students, leading to high academic achievement.

The CAP recognized Harlow as “an inspiring instructor who encourages students to think independently, critically and analytically.” 

Over his 18 years in the department of physics, Harlow has undertaken many innovative teaching initiatives, including an early adoption of online teaching. During the pandemic, he provided critical advice on pedagogical issues related to the transition to virtual learning.

His excellence in undergraduate teaching was also recognized with an Outstanding Teaching Award from the Faculty of Arts & Science in 2022.

“I’m extremely happy and honoured to receive this award,” Harlow said. “I wish to share the recognition with my talented teaching colleagues at the University of Toronto, the dedicated support staff, and so many amazing graduate teaching assistants who are in the trenches every day, really connecting with the students.”

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