Portrait of Janelle Joseph
(Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Janelle Joseph wins Chancellor’s Award (Emerging Leader)

Through her many different roles at the University of Toronto, Janelle Joseph has contributed to community dialogue, healthy living and student life – and has been recognized with the Chancellor’s Award (Emerging Leader).

The lecturer in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education created an undergraduate elective course on race and Indigeneity, and advocated for faculty and staff training on unconscious racial bias. 

Joseph is known for her expertise in anti-Black racism, Indigeneity and inequity, and has written three books on race and sport in Canada. 

She’s also the director of academic success in the division of Student Life and assistant director of the transitional year programme, a bridging program to help adults earn the credits they need for university. Joseph leads the Teaching & Learning Strategist Community of Practice in the Faculty of Arts & Science and chairs the board of stewards for Hart House.

“All of us have to become a little bit uncomfortable, because complacency allows the status quo to continue,” she told U of T News. “We all have to challenge our assumptions and try to think differently.” 

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