Sandra Kamo

Sandra Kamo (supplied image)

Sandra Kamo awarded Logan Medal

Sandra Kamo, an associate professor in the department of Earth sciences in the Faculty of Arts & Science, has been awarded the Logan Medal, the Geological Association of Canada’s highest honour.

Kamo, director of the Jack Satterly Geochronology Laboratory, was recognized for her significant contributions to the field of high-precision geochronology. The scope of her work spans billions of years and has helped chronicle the history of the Earth, the evolution of life and the solar system.

“I am exceptionally thrilled to receive the Logan Medal. It is the greatest honour of my career,” Kamo said.

“I feel deeply grateful to the Geological Association of Canada and to my mentors and colleagues, and I share this award with my longtime lab associates. I am proud and pleased to be part of such a supportive Earth science community.”

The honour recognizes Kamo’s contributions to the field of high-precision uranium-lead geochronology – one of the most important methods for geological dating – as well as her part in important studies addressing and testing critical problems in Earth sciences.

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