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Sally walker-hudecki

Sally Walker-Hudecki receives 2020 Patricia and Peter Shannon Wilson Undergraduate Research Prize

August 12, 2020

Sally Walker-Hudecki is one of six winners of the 2020 Patricia and Peter Shannon Wilson Undergraduate Research Prize.

A Faculty of Arts & Science student in her second year at Trinity College, Walker-Hudecki won for her research project on the technological beginnings of television, completed for the course CIN 201: Film Cultures I.

“I've been interested in expanded cinema, projection devices and all kinds of technological ephemera and apparatuses for years,” Walker-Hudecki said. “In fact, I showed my own film projection invention at Hart House's 100th anniversary in September 2019, which feels so long ago.

The cinema studies major praised the support she found at Innis Library and said she looked forward to contributing more to this field in the future.

"Sally’s triumph is to integrate her research seamlessly into a thoughtful and provocative essay that charts how emerging definitions of a novel spatiotemporal medium developed alongside technological experimentation,” said Professor Charlie Keil, her instructor for the course. “It is a vibrant demonstration of how research can breathe life into past events, providing social context, illuminating institutional pressures, and animating human agency.”

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