Francisca Wiafe-Amoako

Francisca Wiafe-Amoako wins inaugural Lesra Martin Student Changemaker Award

Francisca Wiafe-Amoako, a recent Innis College graduate who earned a double major in neuroscience and physiology with a minor in Spanish, has been recognized with the inaugural Lesra Martin Student Changemaker Award.

The award is presented to Innis College students who have worked to effect change for Black lives through creative and innovative scholarship or extra-curricular activity.

Wiafe-Amoako was honoured for founding the Afro-Dance and Culture Club, a student group that offers Afro-dance workshops and uses music and dance to promote awareness of Black and African diasporic culture.

“There are so many Black students who are doing things and having great impacts in their communities, but don’t receive recognition for the work that they do,” Wiafe-Amoako said. “So, it’s been really affirming and I feel really privileged not just to be a recipient of the award, but one of the inaugural recipients.”

The award was initiated by Martin, an alumnus of Innis College, who is known for his remarkable personal journey from poverty and illiteracy to a successful career as a lawyer.

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