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Professor Dyzenhaus in front of a window

David Dyzenhaus receives Guggenheim Fellowship

April 22, 2020

David Dyzenhaus, a University Professor of law and of philosophy, has been awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship.

It’s one of the world’s most distinguished honours for mid-career academics who have produced groundbreaking scholarly work and continue to show exceptional promise for future research. 

Dyzenhaus, who joined U of T’s Faculty of Law and Faculty of Arts & Science in 1990, grew up in South Africa during apartheid. His academic career has been devoted to the study of how law can simultaneously be a tool of oppression and emancipation. His research examines the practical implications of political and legal philosophy in scenarios such as conflict, occupation, states of emergency and transitional justice. 

Dyzenhaus has published four books, edited or co-edited 12 collections of essays and authored more than 100 academic articles. He is the recipient of numerous awards and honours including a Fellowship from the Royal Society of Canada.

“The Guggenheim Fellowship will provide me with the time to research properly my topic and to discipline my thoughts into written form,” says Dyzenhaus, “perhaps to the point where I will have a book ready for publication the following year.”

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