David Dunlop

David Dunlop receives John Adam Fleming Medal for lifetime achievement in geophysics

University of Toronto Mississauga Professor Emeritus David Dunlop has won the John Adam Fleming Medal for outstanding contributions to fundamental Earth and space science from the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Awarded for “original research and technical leadership in geomagnetism, atmospheric electricity, aeronomy, space physics and related sciences,” the Fleming Medal recognizes Dunlop’s lifetime achievement in the field of geophysics.

“David has been a dedicated and invaluable member of our community for many years,” says Lindsay Schoenbohm, chair of U of T Mississauga’s department of chemical and physical sciences. “It is wonderful now to see this highest-level recognition for his scholarly achievements.”

Dunlop's best-known research has been in the fundamental magnetic properties of rocks and minerals and in Precambrian paleomagnetism and plate tectonics. During a 36-year career at U of T Mississauga and the St. George campus, Dunlop has taught and mentored countless students and early career professionals who have gone on to careers in geological and physical sciences. He has been the sole author of 63 papers and has co-authored more than 150 papers in scholarly journals and books. With his wife, Özden Özdemir, also a physics professor, he co-wrote what would become known as “the bible” in their field, Rock Magnetism: Fundamentals and Frontiers

 “It’s a wonderful life we’ve had,” says Dunlop, who continues to publish research.

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