Information about masks

The University’s mask requirements have been lifted as of July 1, 2022. Some members of our community may choose to continue to wear a mask. We ask everyone to respect each other’s decisions, comfort levels and health needs. Mask requirements may be reinstated at short notice in the event public health guidance or recommendations change.

Individuals in specific circumstances, such as those who have been recently exposed to COVID-19 or to someone with symptoms, may continue to be required to wear masks in all settings, subject to changes in provincial or federal requirements.


Medical masks are recommended 

Medical masks are recommended for all employees, students, visitors and contractors. 

Medical masks, also called surgical or procedural masks, should hold a rating of ASTM Level 2 or 3. 

Layering a cloth mask over a medical mask or knotting and tucking your medical mask may improve fit and add protection. 

Masks should fit snugly against the face and chin and must fully cover the nose and mouth.  

Toronto Public Health suggests masks should: 

  • Fit your face, covering your nose, mouth and chin without gaping 

  • Be comfortable, easy to breathe through and not limit your vision 

  • Have ties or ear loops that fit securely to avoid adjusting during use 


Where to find a medical mask 

Medical masks are regularly available for purchase on our campuses at places such as: 

  • University of Toronto Bookstore — online or in-store at each campus  

  • MedStore for departments and units across our campuses 

  • University of Toronto Mississauga campus vending machines at William G Davis Building  

  • University of Toronto Scarborough campus vending machines (coming soon)

Purchase or pick up your medical mask before you arrive on campus for class, and look for a rating of ASTM Level 2 or 3. ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials.

In addition, medical masks are available for pickup on all three campuses to community members with an active UTORID as supplies allow and for a limited time. Locations are listed below. 

St. George campus

  • Koffler Student Services Centre, Main Floor (across from the Second Cup)

  • Robarts Library (near the front desk)

  • Gerstein Science Information Centre in the Sigmund Samuel Library Building (near the front desk)

  • Exam Centre

  • Sidney Smith Hall, main floor (St. George Street entrance vestibule, near Second Cup lobby)

University of Toronto Mississauga

  • Meeting Place

  • Deerfield Hall (near Bistro)

  • Instructional Building (first floor)

  • MN Grand Hall 

  • Library 

  • Kaneff Rotunda 

  • CCT eating area by IT service desk

University of Toronto Scarborough (located near building entrances)

You can find mask dispensing locations across UTSC campus at:

  • SW entrance
  • ARC entrance
  • Student Centre (in front of SCSU office)
  • Krembil Study Commons (Highland Hall)
  • HW by Pizza Forno Machine
  • Instructional Centre
  • Environmental Sciences Building
  • Sy Building
  • Highland Hall by Bus Loop
  • MW Building
  • Health & Wellness Centre
  • Library
  • SCSU Office