U of T smoke-free policy: resources

The University of Toronto offers a number of resources to support students, faculty and staff in quitting smoking and vaping.

Faculty and staff:

  • Cessation programs and support are available through Green Shield for employees who are registered in an eligible benefits program.

  • Homewood Health

    • e-course “Stop Smoking: Get Your Life Back”

    • Homewood EFAP offers addiction counselling through their counselling services

    • Homewood EFAP offers smoking-cessation coaching “Life Smart Coaching - Smoking-Cessation Program”

  • Homewood Health 1-hour on-site group session

Students: Student health services provide many supports for reducing or quitting tobacco use, including:

  • Meeting with a health care professional to discuss treatment options, resources and tools
  • Accessing free nicotine replacement therapy (i.e., nicotine gum and patch) or exploring other prescription quit aids
  • Referrals to Smokers' Helpline

For more information or to book an appointment, students can contact their local student health service:

Online supports: Leave The Pack Behind is an online, age-tailored support that provides information, quit contests, and free nicotine replacement therapy for young adults.

Off-campus resources: CAMH offers smoking cessation resources at its Nicotine Dependence Clinics (two locations near downtown Toronto).