Joe’s Basketball Diaries Episode 6: Women in Sports

The pressure female athletes, coaches and journalists face in sport – and society at large – is explored in the season finale of Joe’s Basketball Diaries, hosted by Joseph Wong, the University of Toronto’s vice-president, international.

Guests highlight the systemic and structural nature of sexism and racism in sports, and the importance of representation – particularly in leadership.

“You can’t be what you can’t see,” says Tamara Tatham, a two-time Olympian who is the head coach of U of T’s women’s Varsity Blues basketball team.

Women athletes, especially those who are racialized, face expectations of failure and their successes are treated as anomalies, adds Hannah Flores, a U of T undergraduate student.

Other topics discussed include sexist double standards in sports, scrutiny of women’s bodies and behaviour, and the many ways these inequities are compounded for racialized and LGBTQ+ athletes.

This episode features:

  • Hannah Flores, spoken word artist and U of T undergraduate student
  • Savanna Hamilton, sideline reporter, Toronto Raptors and Sportsnet
  • Amreen Kadwa, founder and executive director of Hijabi Ballers 
  • Nicole Kaniki, U of T’s director of diversity, equity and inclusion in research and innovation
  • Tamara Tatham, two-time Olympian and head coach of the U of T women’s Varsity Blues basketball team 

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