Roman Genov

Roman Genov recognized with Connaught Innovation Award

Professor Roman Genov of the Edward S. Rogers Sr. department of electrical and computer engineering in the the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering has received a Connaught Innovation Award for his team's work on a new class of cameras known as coded-exposure-pixel (CEP) CMOS image sensors.

The cameras capture information about a visual scene based on the light transport – information on how light travels to, through and from the scene – instead of only the reflected light intensity.  

“The Connaught Innovation Award will bring valuable seed funding for our project, 'Energy-efficient coded-exposure-pixel cameras for accurate imaging without motion artifacts,' that will help our team – led by Professor Kiriakos Kutulakos of the department of computer science and myself – to accelerate the development of a new class of computational cameras for emerging computational photography applications,” Genov said.

“In our cameras, the exposure time for each individual pixel can be dynamically reprogrammed for each video frame, enabling new capabilities such as motion-tolerant imaging of moving objects in three dimensions and with a high dynamic range.”

The award will help fund the prototyping, demonstration and commercialization of the new image sensors, Genov said.