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Professor Eric Yu wins Peter P. Chen award in conceptual modeling

December 19, 2019

Professor Eric Yu of the Faculty of Information has received the Peter P. Chen Award in conceptual modelling for his outstanding contributions to the field.

The award, sponsored by Elsevier and named after the inventor of entity relationships (ER) modeling, was presented to Professor Yu at ER 2019, the annual conceptual modeling conference held in Brazil last month. It recognizes his "outstanding scientific contributions and extensive professional services in the areas of conceptual modeling and requirements engineering."

ER modeling is used extensively in information systems analysis and design.

Professor Yu is known for his contribution to intentional modeling in the conceptual modeling and requirements engineering communities, particularly with what’s known as the i* framework. His paper introducing i* has more than 1,700 citations and, since his PhD thesis in 1995, he and his colleagues have produced a number of i* refinements, extensions and applications to a wide variety of domains. The i* framework now has hundreds of related research papers, tools, project and industrial applications.