Mishika Mehrotra

Mishika Mehrotra awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Mishika Mehrotra has been awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. The University of Toronto Mississauga alumna is one of 74 scholars from 30 countries to receive the prestigious scholarship this year.

Mehrotra, who graduated in 2019, will pursue a PhD in psychology at the University of Cambridge.

“I will study how parent–child conversations relate to young children’s self-regulation, which is an important predictor of their school success, social competence and health,” Mehrotra says. “As part of the Gates Cambridge community, I hope that my research can inform low-cost interventions that equip caregivers with the tools to promote children’s self-regulation.

“I also want to focus on knowledge translation to make research findings more accessible to caregivers, and encourage them to promote children’s wellbeing through evidence-based approaches.”

While at U of T Mississauga, Mehrotra worked as a research assistant at Professor Tina Malti’s lab

“I examined why some children feel guilty after violating social norms but others feel happy. The findings of my final-year thesis prompted me think about the role that caregivers can play in promoting children’s development.”

The top graduating student in science at U of T Mississauga in 2019, Mehrotra says she is grateful to Malti and Professor Emeritus Glenn Schellenberg for their supervision and guidance and Sebastian Dys for his mentorship. 

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