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Emma Sullivan

Emma Sullivan receives 2020 Patricia and Peter Shannon Wilson Undergraduate Research Prize

August 12, 2020

Emma Sullivan is one of six winners of the 2020 Patricia and Peter Shannon Wilson Undergraduate Research Prize.

A Faculty of Arts & Science student in her third year at Victoria College, she won for her project on gene editing technologies and Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease (PMD). Sullivan, who is pursuing a double major in cell and molecular biology and health and disease, completed the project for the course HMB 496: Research Project in Human Biology.

“During the entire project, Emma continuously learnt and updated herself by searching through the scientific literature… Every time she encountered a new challenge, she went back to study what was published on the topic and brought back the possible solutions to the lab,” said course supervisor Eleanora Maino.

Sullivan said the most important thing she learned throughout the process was to ask questions.

“It was such a unique and exciting opportunity to immerse myself in this project as I learned everything from scratch; both about PMD from the existing literature, and how to perform required lab techniques and software manipulations,” said Sullivan.

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