Your guide to summer and fall 2021 at U of T

COVID-19 vaccinations

Vaccination is the most important way that individuals can protect themselves against COVID-19 and is a key important element of the University of Toronto’s strategy to support a safe return to campus.

The University encourages all eligible members of the community to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccination will be required for students, faculty, staff and librarians participating in certain activities, reflecting the risk of COVID-19 transmission. This currently includes students living in residence, and will soon include performers in the Faculty of Music, varsity sports activities, and students in certain educational placements. Exemptions will be made for those who meet certain criteria. More information can be found here.

U of T is deeply committed to the role we play as an institution of research and higher education to promote evidence around vaccines and support access to vaccination on behalf of our community. As part of its “attest-educate-test” approach, all faculty, staff, librarians and students will be asked to attest to their vaccination status through UCheck. Documentation will not be requested and answers will remain anonymous, in accordance with privacy legislation. More information is available here and on the frequently asked questions page.

The University has also supported the province’s vaccination efforts by supplying space and volunteers for COVID-19 vaccine clinics on its three campuses, in partnership with local hospitals.

To access the on-campus clinics, appointments are made through the provincial booking system (select the UHN-University of Toronto – St. George Campus, 255 McCaul Street for the St. George clinic), and through Scarborough Health Network for UTSC (see pop-up clinics).

The University is partnering with UHN to deliver on-campus access to vaccination clinics and pop-up opportunities for students, faculty and staff participating in activities requiring vaccination. We are also actively supporting initiatives such as ThisIsOurShot to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated.

For all the latest information about vaccinations, visit our frequently asked questions.