UCheck Ambassador Program

Enabling in-person activity while maintaining the health and safety of our community is key as we return to our campuses. The UCheck health screening questionnaire is one of our most important tools for reducing the spread of COVID-19. These self-assessments remain important even as our vaccination rate continues to increase.

The UCheck Ambassador Program is a friendly and educative way to remind members of our community to complete their UCheck health screening each and every day they are on campus. The program, which began in October, uses small teams of UCheck Ambassadors to visit high-traffic locations across U of T campuses. These trained ambassadors will ask every individual approaching a building entrance or space if they have completed their health screening in UCheck. If you are greeted by an ambassador, you will be asked to flash your completed UCheck green screen or show your paper form.

The program focuses on reaching high-traffic environments and does not replace existing UCheck entrance check-ins that occur at some locations across our campuses. In addition to promoting the habit of daily self-assessments, the program intends to encourage a culture of support for those staying home — even with mild symptoms.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the UCheck Ambassador Program

Show your green screen from the UCheck web application! You will be permitted to access the building and continue with your in-person activities on campus.

A phone displaying a green status on UCheck.

You will be asked to complete your UCheck self-assessment before entering the building.  

If you get a red screen, that means you should stay home. You will be asked to go home, self-isolate and to contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at ehs.occhealth@utoronto.ca to determine your next steps.

A phone displaying a red status on UCheck.

No. UCheck green screen checks may still be required or used at some locations and divisions. You may be asked to flash your green screen when entering buildings through the UCheck Ambassador program, by instructors at in-person classes and at other locations, such as fitness centres, food and dining spaces, and libraries.

Everybody approaching the space will be asked to show their green UCheck status by the trained UCheck Ambassador team. 

UCheck Ambassadors will not retain any personal information. Only aggregate counts will be retained, for example, the number of green screens. 

Locations and times will vary but will focus on high-traffic spaces and areas with higher risk activities.  

The program raises awareness about the importance of completing the UCheck health screening each day you are on campus using a friendly and educative approach. If an individual refuses to cooperate, only the location and time of the refusal will be recorded, along with any concerns raised by the individual about the use of UCheck health screening.