Your guide to summer and fall 2021 at U of T

Information about masks

Non-medical masks or face coverings must be worn indoors in all common-use spaces on University of Toronto property.

In May 2020, based on the public health guidance available at that time, the University of Toronto started offering branded, two-layer non-medical masks to all students, faculty members, staff members and librarians for personal use. Although the Public Health Agency of Canada suggested in November 2020 that non-medical masks have three layers to provide added protection, the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada and Public Health Ontario also clarified that existing two-layer masks can still be used and do not need to be discarded if they are well maintained and well fitting.

You may choose to add a third layer to any two-layer mask for added protection. Please see Toronto Public Health’s guidelines for the use of face masks for instructions. Only wear the University of Toronto mask if it covers your nose, mouth and chin without gaping, allows you to breathe easily, fits securely to your head and fits comfortably to avoid frequent adjustments. Use a different mask if the University of Toronto mask does not fit you properly or is not comfortable for you.

If wearing a mask or face covering while working with hazardous material when conducting required onsite activities (e.g. biological agents, flammable chemicals, radioactive agents), please speak to your supervisor/Principle Investigator about appropriate and safe use of face coverings and masks.

More information on masks and the University’s Policy on Non-Medical Masks and Face Coverings can be found in UTogether's FAQs.