Epic equations make up many images of U of T lecturers in action on Instagram. (photo by sum_baller)

Welcome to the University of Toronto on Instagram

Explore #UofT-tagged images

It's the most immediate, most social way the University of Toronto community is showing its pride: individual users uploading photos tagged #UofT to Instagram.

Snapshots of lectures, landscapes and library nooks are captured on smartphones and identifed with the #UofT tag. When these images are featured in the university's new Instagram account, they effectively document the real-time beauty and boldness of life across all three campuses each day.

(To learn more about the individual photos in this slideshow simply click on the image. All images republished with permission.)

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Since the U of T Instagram account went live in January, it's seen a flurry of activity on an hourly basis. To have your photos considered or to view the constantly changing portrait of the university, visit UofT on Instagram.      

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