Thinking of studying abroad in China? New scholarship will help U of T students cover costs

photo of great wall of china
Visitors at the Great Wall of China (photo by Melissa on Unsplash)

A new scholarship offered by the Chinese consulate general will make it affordable for 15 University of Toronto students who wish to study abroad or conduct research in China.

China is one of the most popular destinations for U of T students seeking international learning experiences. Through an agreement signed between U of T and the Chinese consulate, exchange students will get a subsidy of about $600 per month for living expenses and accommodation as part of the Chinese Government Scholarships.

Master’s and doctoral students will receive slightly more for their monthly stipend and accommodation as part of the scholarship.

Students in the exchange program will continue to pay U of T tuition and incidental fees. For those who choose to travel independently of U of T's international exchange program, the scholarship will also cover the tuition for the Chinese university if it is required. 

“We know that one of the main constraints for many students as it relates to student mobility or learning abroad are the financial constraints,” said Joseph Wong, associate vice-president and vice-provost, international student experience. “One of the things we’re committed to is to ensure maximum accessibility for all students to be able to engage in these opportunities. With a scholarship such as this, we can mitigate those constraints.”

Securing the scholarship is part of U of T’s efforts to increase the global experience of its undergraduate students. Currently 19 per cent of undergrads at U of T take part in an international learning opportunity prior to graduation, with China being the most popular destination for student exchange programs.

“It’s incumbent upon us as the university to ensure that our students have these kinds of international experiences,” Wong said. “We’re one of best in the world in terms of our research. We’re one of the best universities in the world in terms of the skills and knowledge that we teach here. What we really want is to be recognized as one of the best in the world in providing these kinds of global experiences.”  

Starting in the fall, the scholarship offers 15 undergraduate and graduate students across the three campuses funding to support learning abroad in mainland China. The scholarship covers students who are not citizens of China, and it isn’t language-specific, meaning students can use the funds to study in any discipline. They can spend time working in China as part of an academic placement, or they can pursue a research opportunity.

The scholarship also does not come with time restrictions – it could be for a shorter stay abroad like a semester, rather than for an entire year.

Students travelling during the next school year need to apply by 9 a.m on April 2 with the Centre for International Experience.



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