Smiles, tears and plenty of helping hands: Students move into residence on U of T's three campuses

Emotions ran high on U of T's three campuses over the Labour Day long weekend as students moved into residence in advance of the new academic year (photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

The University of Toronto was a hub of activity over the Labour Day long weekend as students and their friends and families arrived on the three campuses with boxes, laptops and other belongings – all ready to move into residence buildings ahead of the new school year.

For many students, the act of moving away from home and into residence marked an exciting new chapter in their lives. Parents, meantime, beamed with pride and wiped away more than a few tears as they helped their children settle in for a successful term.

U of T photographers visited residences on U of T’s three campuses to document the start of the school year.  

(Photo by David Lee)

Signs and smiles: Students received a warm welcome outside the Morrison Hall Residence on the St. George campus. 


(Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Equipped with wheeled, plastic bins, volunteers in blue t-shirts helped students and their families move their belongings inside residence buildings on the U of T Mississauga campus. 


(Photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

Lizramona Lugano Mwakitwange, a life sciences student in the Faculty of Arts & Science and a Pearson Scholar, poses with a friend on move-in day on the St. George campus. 


(Photo by Sean Liliani)

Volunteers brought friendly faces (and a luggage cart) to help students move into residence at U of T Scarborough.


(Photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

Arriving students and their families had plenty of questions moving in and navigating the St. George campus – and volunteers were happy to help out. 


(Photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

Students’ families and friends played an integral role on move-in days, helping to ferry boxes, bins and suitcases.


(Photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

Yerez Tahtadjian – who moved to Toronto from the Philippines to attend U of T – said he was preparing to experience his first-ever Canadian winter.


(Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

The sunny, but not too hot weather made for a pleasant move-in experience on the U of T Mississauga campus.


(Photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

Lilah Williamson, who moved from Vancouver to attend U of T, poses with her parents in front of Trinity College on the St. George campus. 


(Photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

Students lug suitcases and other dormroom necessities onto campus – and into the 2022-2023 academic year.

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