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Series: Spotlight on Startups at U of T

Innovations sparking every day across faculties, departments and campuses

The U of T News Startups series will showcase entrepreneurship across the university's campuses and throughout its history (illustration by Jon Horvatin)

U of T translates research into innovations that support economic growth and social health. It’s a place where entrepreneurial spirit is developed and encouraged, as faculty and students work together, turning their research into successful businesses.

U of T News is running a series called Spotlight on Startups to share stories about the many ways innovations come to life at the university and continue to develop in the national and global economy.

This series profiles the many entrepreneurial efforts growing from the hundreds of companies spun out from research and connections sparking every day at the University of Toronto:

U of T hosts more than 50 enterprise-fostering courses, programs, labs, clubs, contests and speaker series across its faculties, departments and campuses — and then there are all the innovations developing in informal settings. U of T ranks No. 1 in North America for number of startups launched. And its roster of spin-off companies driving innovation in Toronto and around the world continues to grow.

At a time when Canada has been accused of lagging behind in the global push to build an innovation economy, U of T works to remedy that innovation gap as it builds opportunities for the next generation and addresses key societal problems with real-world applications of its research.

This page is where you can keep up to date on the latest news and stories featuring entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto, both as part of the Spotlight on Startups series and beyond.

(Infographic data gathered from Research and Innovation's publication, U of T Ignites Innovation)
Spotlight on Startups articles
These are the stories about U of T innovations, inventions, and dreams becoming reality, recently published at U of T News:

1. Spotlight on Startups: How anyone can be an entrepreneur at U of T

2. Spotlight on Startups: Forget passwords, PIN codes and key cards—in style—with Bionym's 'Nymi' wristband

3. Spotlight on Startups: teachers can cut exam marking time in half with Crowdmark

4. Spotlight on Startups: 9 ways U of T supports startups

5. Spotlight on Startups: treat dogs from afar with PetBot

6. Spotlight on Startups: New Year's resolutions for entrepreneurs

7. Spotlight on Startups: U of T students prep Canada’s largest startup career expo

8. Spotlight on Startups: Bitcoin meets Bionym as alumni use your heartbeat to unlock virtual currency

9. Spotlight on Startups: Hybrid chew toy/robot wins Global Startup Battle for U of T students

10. Spotlight on Startups: Teen Legal Helpline connects kids with lawyers, counselling and more

11. Spotlight on Startups: How to get accepted into U of T’s startup incubators

12. Spotlight on Startups: students launch company without waiting for entrepreneurship course to finish

13. Spotlight on Startups: Bridgit app lifts construction sites into the cloud

14. Spotlight on Startups Convocation edition: FIXO app brings tenants and property managers together

15. Pay for Summerlicious restaurant meals and more with the tap of a finger: U of T alumni startup, Tab

16. Spotlight on Startups: Orchard is "the only app you'll need when the iPhone 6 launches" in September

17. Fall fashion tips from a personalized stylist in your pocket: Blynk, built by a U of T entrepreneur

Visit the University of Toronto entrepreneurship site to learn more about U of T's enterprise-fostering courses, labs, programs and more.

Some other recent entrepreneurship stories at U of T News

Turning scientists into entrepreneurs with Techno’s startup accelerator program; "Asia’s richest philanthropist," major Silicon Valley firm invest in alumni’s Nanoleaf light bulb"Sperm Olympics" helping couples get pregnant faster: U of T startup QSpermGrads to watch: entrepreneur James McCrae’s software innovates in style for the DIY communityGrads to watch: entrepreneur Christina Mueller revolutionizing nanotechnologyStartup iamsick flourishes in lengthy cold/flu seasonEntrepreneur teams will transform libraries in 48 hoursTips for global entrepreneurs: be prepared, tell a good storyConvocation 2013: five entrepreneurs to watch ; U of T spinoff company raises 873% of funding for tiny, smarter keyboard ; U of T startup, Ontario government give people a voice ; Google acquires U of T neural networks company ; Alumni launch "world's most energy-efficient light bulb" ; Techno 2013: where student entrepreneurs meet seasoned mentors ; U of T undergraduate entrepreneurs sell web services startup ; Looking into the future with Matt Ratto ; University of Toronto launches new centre to support commercialization of research ; U of T's Creative Destruction Lab backs entrepreneurs ; Rotman students bring home MBA world trophy

Entrepreneurship on site

This interactive map displays just a few of the many entrepreneurship hotspots at University of Toronto.

(Click on the blue pins to learn more about each space, organization and institute.)

View Startup Hot Spots at U of T in a larger map


September 13, 2013