3Qs at the U with Science Sam – (Ep. 2) Steve Joordens on anxiety

Anxiety may feel like a common topic today, but what do we really know about it?

In episode two of 3Qs at the USamantha Yammine – a University of Toronto alumna, neuroscientist and science communicator better known as Science Sam on social media – speaks with U of T’s Steve Joordens about about anxiety, particularly during COVID-19 isolation. 

“I think the best way to understand it is to kind of think about why we have this reaction at all, and it's really the act of a system that's goal is to keep us alive in the face of sudden threat,” says Joordens, a psychology professor at U of T Scarborough who specializes in consciousness, attention, and memory, and often speaks generally on mental illness topics. 

3Qs at the U is a weekly video series in which Yammine asks a U of T researcher three questions on a timely topic. It’s produced by U of T Scarborough Interactive Digital Producer Cory Lawrence.

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