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Silvia Sellán awarded Dean’s Doctoral Excellence Scholarship

Silvia Sellán, a PhD student in the department of computer science, has been awarded the Faculty of Arts & Science's Dean’s Doctoral Excellence Scholarship.

The scholarship recognizes students’ academic excellence, the impact of their research, contributions toward colleagues and other students – and the leadership they demonstrate beyond their research activities.

“It's a real honour and means a lot to me,” says Sellán, whose research focuses on geometry processing, a sub-discipline of computer graphics that spans the three-dimensional real and digital worlds.

“I already consider myself lucky to get paid to do research. To be recognized on top of that makes me very happy.”

Alec Jacobson, an assistant professor in the department of computer science and Sellán’s supervisor, said Sellán exemplifies the qualities that the scholarship rewards.

“Silvia is deeply curious,” Jacobson said. “She participates actively at our conferences and symposia, frequently asking questions and arranging follow-up discussions with fellow researchers. She is discerning about which questions are interesting academically and which questions are important.”

Three runners-up for the scholarship were also recognized with A&S Doctoral Excellence Scholarships:

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