Clockwise from left: Andrea Tricco, Karim Mekhail, Wendy Wong, Ana Andreazza and Laura Rosella (photo courtesy Andrea Tricco, photo courtesy Karim Mekhail, photo courtesy Munk School of Global Affairs, photo by Perry King, photo by Caitlin Free)

Five U of T faculty members named to Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists 

Five faculty members at the University of Toronto – experts in data science, epidemiology, mood disorders, political science and genomics – have been appointed to the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

“These researchers are transforming our understanding of a wide range of fields – and making significant contributions in areas from human rights to health care,” said Professor Leah Cowen, U of T's associate vice-president, research.

“The University of Toronto congratulates them on this important recognition of their impact.” 

The new college members are:

Each appointee receives a seven-year membership in the college, which recognizes and supports academic leadership and collaboration among those who have received their PhDs within the last 15 years.

Wong said she was “excited to learn from colleagues in different fields and at different universities throughout Canada to gain insights into how we can use our research,” to tackle global problems.

“Many of the most pressing and interesting questions before us require interdisciplinary collaboration to solve,” Wong said. “Things like the datafication of human life, or global warming, or human rights are all challenges that cannot be resolved through one approach.”