Submitting to The Bulletin Brief

Are you a U of T faculty or staff member, or librarian who wants to submit to The Bulletin Brief? Fill out the form below and submit at least a week before the preferred publishing date.

We look for information of broad interest to staff, faculty and librarians across all three campuses, compelling stories about your community or colleagues, or events (free or low cost) that are for employees of U of T. We regret that we are not able to accommodate all requests.

Please take a look at the past few issues of The Bulletin Brief to get a sense of the content published in The Bulletin Brief. We welcome short, timely submissions that: 

  • Are aimed at U of T staff, faculty and librarians
  • Offer low cost or free services, events and professional development opportunities to U of T staff, faculty and librarians 
  • Tell an interesting story about staff, faculty and librarian life at U of T 

Whenever possible, your submission should be of interest to staff, faculty and librarians on all three campuses. And please be sure to include a link to more information. 

The Bulletin Brief occasionally publishes “In Memoriam” entries when members of our community pass away. If you are making a submission for this section, please ensure that you provide a link to a longer form reference (e.g., obituary, statement, news story) housed on a U of T website.

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