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Frequently asked questions about UTAlert

UTAlert system allows the university to send important messages via Email, SMS Text and mobile App push notifications to students, faculty and staff registered in the system. This system is available to currently enrolled or employed students, staff and faculty.
All current members of the University community will automatically be subscribed to the system for University-issued mass notifications using their official U of T contact information. We recommend that community members provide additional contact information, such as cell phone information.

On the rare occasion when we need to communicate information quickly to everyone on one or more campuses, the University uses the alert system.

The University will use the UTAlert system to send you messages via email, text or mobile app push notification. Go to https;//www.utoronto.ca/alerts to sign-in using your university email. UTAlert texts will come from the phone number 855-756-1140. Creating a contact on your phone for this number called “UTAlert” may make it easier to identify text notifications.

Information already in ACORN (for students) and HRIS (for employees) is already in the alert system. To add additional contact or subscription information, please follow these instructions. It is especially important to keep mobile phone numbers up to date in the UTAlert system.

  1. Use this link to manage your subscription.
  2. Using your UTORid and password, login to the system.
  3. If this is your first visit to the site, please confirm the automatically populated contact information is correct.
  4. Follow the prompts to add or update contact information.
  5. On subsequent visits, you’ll use only your UTORid and password to enter the system and update your contact information.

The system is regularly updated with data from ACORN and HRIS.

U of T’s messaging and alerts system is provided by the Application, Public Emergency Alerting Services Inc. (PEASI). For more information about how PEASI safeguards your personal information, please visit their Privacy Policy.

After downloading the Alertable app, you need to select the campus from which you’d like to receive notifications by searching for the University of Toronto. Unlike text notifications, the Alertable app allows you to receive updates from all campuses, not just your campus of origin. Simply add one or more campuses as your preferred location(s) in the app. 

Search in mobile

If you don’t have a University of Toronto address and would like to get UTAlerts, you can download UTAlert’s Alertable app to receive important notifications about campus status and safety. Read more about updating your campus preferences on the app here (provide link to question on FAQs). 

No. The Alertable app provides real-time notifications about campus status and safety. The U of T Campus Safety app provides information on safety resources such as TravelSafer, which enables the Campus Safety Office to monitor a user's route while travelling in and around campus. The apps are part of a broader program of initiatives to enhance campus safety for our community members. 

Go to the Google Play Store or to the Apple App Store and search “Alertable.” Once you download the Alertable app, enter “University of Toronto” and select the campus from which you’d like to receive notifications (you can pick all three campuses). Unlike text notifications, the Alertable app allows you to receive updates from all campuses, not just your campus of origin. 

If you’ve verified all your sign-in information is correct and you still have issues signing in to UTAlert, we recommend the following steps: 

  • Clear your cache. Browsers such as Chrome can save information in their cache and cookies. Clearing the cache can often restore a website’s functionality. 

  • Try a different browser. If you use Chrome, for instance, try another browser such as Safari or Windows Edge or make sure your current browser has been updated.