Reports and Accountability

The University of Toronto reports annually on the progress of our strategic activities in relation to all levels of government, other public sector institutions, the private sector and community partners. Our reports cover key data about the university’s accountability and performance.


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The Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and the University of Toronto have agreed a Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) for the period 2017-2020:

Strategic Mandate Agreement

This supersedes the previous SMA which was for the period 2014-2017:

Strategic Mandate Agreement 2014-2017 

Accountability Reports

Every year, the University of Toronto makes a large amount of updated data available about its performance. The following reports measure our progress and achievements towards key goals:

An annual Performance Indicators Report has been presented to the University of Toronto Governing Council since 1998. The University continues to be a leader in the post-secondary sector in Ontario in providing reports of this nature as part of our accountability to governance. The indicators in these reports have changed over the years as we have expanded the scope of areas that we have sought to measure, have enhanced our data collection and created partnerships with other institutions and agencies that allow for external benchmarking.

2017 report (May 2018 publication)

2016 Performance Indicators Executive Summary

2016 report (April 2017 publication)


2015 (text-only version)







The Performance Indicator Report is part of a much larger set of reports received by Governing Council and its Boards and Committees.

There is also a significant system of program, department and faculty reviews that assesses the strength and quality of our activities. The Performance Indicators report reflects a very small and selected view of the quality of the institution that is much more apparent in these in-depth appraisals. The reviews are presented and discussed annually by the Committee on Academic Programs and Policy.


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