Transcript: Radio U of T: Seven podcasts you should know about

What was said in the embedded audio clips in the round-up of podcasts by U of T professors, staff, students and alumni
1. From the sample of the Open Questions podcast,  in an episode about what constitutes an achievement: 
Young woman’s voice:“ My biggest achievement would probably be getting into the University of Toronto.”
Man’s voice: “My family, my three boys, they’re all grown me now.”
2. From the Louis Riel Podcast, in which the three female leads in the Canadian Opera Company production of Louis Riel discuss their atmosphere on the first day of rehearsal. 
A conversation between Simone Osbourne, who plays Riel's wife Marguerite, Allyson McHardy, who plays Riel's mother Julie,  and Joanne Burt, who plays his sister Sarah:
“Um I was really scared at first.”
“That first day we both said I’m really nervous. So am I.”
“Oh my god, I’m so nervous. We’re like, Ahh.”
“Here these ladies are seasoned professionals-”
“-who were so nervous”
“If we were nervous what about this poor thing? Oh my god, I was shaking in my boots, holding onto my chair like here we go.”
3. From the View to the U podcast, Professor Alexandra Gillespie discusses her research on the history of the book: 
She says, “I foresee a future where there are fewer of them [physical books] but I don’t think that we’ve quite worked out what it is about haptics, the science of touch, and the three dimensionality of the book that makes it so much more attractive to some people as a way to consume textual information than the screen.”
4. From Planet ArtSci, Professor Michael Gervers in the department of history discusses his travels in Ethiopia:
He says, “That there is something absolutely unique in Ethiopia, which you have nowhere else in the Christian world, and that is real monolithic churches. The churches I’ve been describing were all carved into the cliff side, so you have opening you go inside and then it looks reasonably well like the interior of a built church.”


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