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What Now?

with Randy Boyagoda

What Now? is a podcast looking beyond the pandemic and into the future. How do we live together, work together, recover, thrive, teardown and rebuild? In the first season, host Randy Boyagoda, an author and University of Toronto professor, explores these ideas — and our city — in conversation with important and inspirational voices from our community.

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Latest episode

Last updated: Sept. 14, 2022

In episode seven of the What Now podcast, Director of the Citizen Lab Ron Deibert sits down with Randy to break down everything from privacy and propaganda to how to solve marital problems and the intricacies of being a Libra.

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View to the U

with Carla DeMarco

U of T Mississauga faculty members from a range of disciplines illuminate some of the inner workings of the science labs and enlighten the social sciences and humanities hubs in interviews with Carla DeMarco of the UTM Research Office.

Latest episode

Last updated: April 12, 2022

On the latest epidode of View to the U, Ruba Kana'an, a historian of Islamic art in the Department of Visual Studies at U of T Mississauga, discusses art and architecture, how it enriches our lives, what we can learn from it and the stories it tells about people and places.

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The New Normal

with Maydianne Andrade

In The New Normal, Professor Maydianne Andrade, a Canada Research Chair in Integrative Behavioural Ecology and U of T Scarborough’s vice-dean of faculty affairs and equity, investigates how people are finding ways to connect despite the pandemic — and what kind of future we’re building in the process.

Latest episode

Last updated: April 15, 2021

For "Scapegoat," a special two-part episode of The New Normal, host Maydianne Andrade speaks to associate professor Diana Fu and associate professor Jooyoung Lee about the history of anti-Asian racism and its devastating impacts. U of T students Gigi Hoi and Alfonso Ralph Mendoza Manalo join as guests.

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What’s Next?

with Vivek Goel

Vivek Goel, former professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, renowned public health expert and founding head of Public Health Ontario, offers listeners timely and reliable information about the COVID-19 pandemic in What’s Next.

Latest episode

Last updated: Dec. 17, 2020

Can the COVID-19 virus survive outside its host — or on an inanimate object? Vivek Goel discusses this question, and many more, to determine where the pandemic is headed next.

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