What makes Rotman Executive Programs tops in Canada?

First in Canada, 25th in the world, says The Financial Times

The Financial Times has declared Rotman Executive Programs at the University of Toronto the leading provider of executive education in Canada, and 25th in the world among global institutions.

So what makes Rotman's offerings the best in Canada?

Since 1998, the executive programs have evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the business landscape, developing specialized business education training for individuals and groups looking for new ways to succeed.

“The industry has changed dramatically since the recession, and we’ve changed with it,” said Michele Milan, chief executive officer of executive programs. “Organizations are looking for real solutions, something they can apply to be effective immediately. Our programs are immediately applicable.

“And what makes us unique is that our work is based on the teaching interests of our faculty.”

That means offering expertise in executive leadership, senior management, business leadership and community health leadership, to some of the biggest companies and organizations in Canada and the world.

Take AstraZeneca Canada Inc., one of Canada’s leading biopharmaceutical companies. This past fall, 80 of its team members, including their entire executive team, spent two days at the St. George campus in a customized workshop to bring their new company strategy to life.

"We wanted a workshop that was an accelerant to our strategy,” said Alison Simpson, vice-president, strategy and future portfolio at AstraZeneca Canada. “Rotman was the clear choice. They understood the strategy and our needs perfectly.”

Along with AstraZeneca, Rotman Executive Programs has helped over 600 organizations from all over the world. And, its new Executive Leadership Program has garnered the attention of business leaders globally including Australia, Austria and the UAE.

"We take the leading-edge management thinking of the Rotman School to the community. We help leaders be better and do more for themselves, their organizations and their communities. This is important work,” said Milan.  “Our programs inspire and equip people to challenge the status quo, to make better decisions and to have greater impact so they can build a better world.”

And Rotman’s programs aren’t exclusive to training big companies, either.

“We teach leadership education to clinicians at hospitals; we have a program for Canada’s outstanding principals, and we’ve actually taught leadership to most of the police chiefs in Ontario,” said Milan.

“We’re teaching them competencies to succeed – communication, self-management. Just because you’re a brilliant surgeon, doesn’t mean you’re a brilliant leader.”

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