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#UofTBackToSchool: 12 things every student should do before graduating

(photo by Ken Jones)

We know you’ve just arrived here, but consider this your bucket list: the things you should try at least once while you’re a University of Toronto student. Better yet, explore all three campuses and create your own set of “must-dos.” Let this be inspiration to get you started!

1. Stroll down Philosopher’s Walk. Arrive at the meaning of life. Failing that, arrive at a decision over what to have for lunch.

(photo by SimonP)  

2. Take an AstroTour and view a planetary body through the telescopes at McLennan Physical Laboratories.

 (photo by Geoffrey Vendeville)

3. Go to a concert by the U of T Gospel Choir.

(Photo courtesy of Facebook)

4. Study in one of the suspended pods at the Leslie L. Dan Faculty of Pharmacy building.


5. Attend the U of T Drama Festival and see your fellow students on stage at Hart House Theatre.

(photo by Scott Gorman)

6. Paint your face and cheer on the Blues at a football game at Varsity Stadium.

(photo by Ken Jones)

7. Attend a Remembrance Day ceremony at Soldiers’ Tower. You’ll be moved. We promise.

 (photo by Johnny Guatto)

8. Eat a veggie dog from Nasir’s hotdog stand at U of T Scarborough. (Drake does!) Nasir’s weekly riddles are awesome.

(photo by U of T Drizzy) 

9. Take a “walk with your prof” on a guided tour of the U of T Mississauga campus. You might spot a deer. You might also get to know a prof. Watch for the signs.

(photo by Cesar Mejia)

 10. Swim in the Hart House pool. With the skylights and arches, it almost feels as if you’re swimming outside … in Rome.

(photo by Hart House)

11. Search for the elusive secret tunnel that runs beneath the U of T Mississauga campus.

(photo by Erik Mauer via Flickr) 

12. Study in every U of T library at least once. There are 44 of them, and many are stunning!

(photo by Dominic Ali)