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U of T releases sexual violence education and prevention training for all members of the University

Terry McQuaid is the executive director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Support at U of T (photo by Johnny Guatto)

The University of Toronto has released its sexual violence education and prevention training module for all students, staff, faculty and members of Governing Council.

The online resource is part of the University’s commitment that all of its community members should be able to study, work and live in a campus environment that is free from sexual violence.

“This training provides education for the University community on the prevention of and response to sexual violence,” Vice-President and Provost Cheryl Regehr said. “It is a continued part of the University’s action plan to address sexual violence on campus. We are grateful to all the students, staff and faculty on all three campuses who were part of the consultation process that helped us develop the module.”

Accessing training

Instructions on how to access the module can be found at UofT.me/SVEPtraining until the end of the semester.

The University strongly recommends all students, staff and faculty complete the training module. It was developed in part from the principles submitted by the Expert Panel on the Education and Prevention of Sexual Violence, chaired by Professor Gretchen Kerr, vice-dean, academic in the Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education.

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“It’s important that everyone complete the training, so that we can all work together to create a culture of consent, and so that people are supported in a consistent manner when they come forward,” said Terry McQuaid, executive director, Sexual Violence Prevention & Support.

McQuaid said the training is designed to help members of the U of T community:

  • Recognize sexual violence, including sexual harassment, as it is defined in the University’s Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment;
  • Identify ways in which sexual violence affects members of the University community;
  • Understand the difference between disclosing and reporting an incident of sexual violence as defined in the policy;
  • Respond supportively to a disclosure of sexual violence; and
  • Refer someone to the services of the University’s tri-campus Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre.

“We heard from our community that they’re looking for more support and a clear place to go – and that is what we developed with the tri-campus Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre,” McQuaid said. “This new training module is the next step in making sure all members of our community understand how they can give or receive support, the role of the centre, and the range of supports available to them.”

Accessing support

  • The tri-campus Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, and by phone (416-978-2266)
  • St. George campus – 702 Spadina Ave.
  • U of T Mississauga – 3094G, Davis Building
  • U of T Scarborough – Room 141, Environmental Science & Chemistry Building

Those who have experienced sexual violence can also call Campus Police to make a report at 416-978-2222 (St. George and U of T Scarborough) or 905-569-4333 (U of T Mississauga). After-hours support is also available at Women's College Hospital Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Care Centre (416-323-6040), Scarborough Grace Sexual Assault Care Centre (416-495-2400), and Trillium Hospital Sexual Assault Care Centre (905-848-7100).

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