U of T helps its community get through COVID-19 crisis together, Shawn Micallef writes in the Toronto Star

St. George campus during COVID-19 outbreak
The usually bustling St. George campus has gone quiet after U of T closed buildings and cancelled in-person classes in favour of teaching online and through other means (photo by Johnny Guatto)

In response to COVID-19, the University of Toronto took important measures to protect the university community, including cancelling in-person classes, closing buildings and suspending all but essential services. 

Writing in the Toronto Star, Shawn Micallef, a lecturer at University College and Innis College, saluted the university’s effort to communicate with students and keep them and the wider community safe.

“At U of T, I’ve been impressed with how meticulous the communication has been as it spreads through these [academic] networks and how many ‘keep teaching’ resources were provided in the weeks prior to the changes that few of us have ever experienced,” he wrote. 

He noted that the university is paying attention to details “both large and small,” such as ensuring that students who have nowhere else to go can stay in residence or extending library loans. 
“Through all these changes and evolving messages, the mental health of students is being stressed,” said Micallef, who teaches UC One and Innis One courses.

He added that it’s a regret that classes and the opportunity to get to know students better was cut short, “but it’s comforting, at least from my perspective, to see how much effort is going into getting everyone through this together.”

Read the op-ed in the Toronto Star

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