Sustainable Future – Challenge Accepted! Climate Resilience Ep. 2

How does climate anxiety affect students and how do they feel about the future of a warming planet?

In the second episode of U of T’s five-part video series – Sustainable Future - Challenge Accepted! – students from the University of Toronto Scarborough share their thoughts on eco-anxiety, the global impact of climate change and a path forward to sustainability.

“To reduce climate anxiety is really to take action… and as students we have the power to do that as well,” says Yao Yang Huang, a fourth-year student studying environmental chemistry at U of T Scarborough.

A student-led effort, the video was directed and filmed by Charlotte Wargniez, who studies environmental geoscience at U of T Scarborough, with additional camera work by Huang and editor Joel Famadico Jr.

Watch Episode 2 of the Sustainable Future series


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