Smile! Online tool allows incoming U of T students to upload their own TCard photos

The University of Toronto has launched a new system that allows students who are getting their first TCard to choose and upload their own photo.

The MyPhoto system is an online tool that walks users through a simple, five-step process that includes uploading an image, editing it and choosing where to pick up the physical card once the university re-opens.

“MyPhoto is a convenient way for students to have control over their TCard image,” says Ursula Shail, manager, TCard administration. “They can see examples of acceptable photos and submit a photo they really like, since it’s going to be on their student card for a long time.”

As they follow each step of the process, students are reminded what constitutes an acceptable identification photo.

“Photos need to be taken against a plain white background, with no other objects or people in the frame,” explains Shail. “We also can’t accept photos that use filters or obscure a person’s appearance at all – it has to be an accurate representation of the student.”

Once the photo has been accepted and the card has been created, students can bring the required documentation and pick up their TCard at a location they choose, avoiding long lineups at the TCard office in September.

While MyPhoto is only available to newly admitted graduate and undergraduate students, the plan is to roll out MyPhoto to all TCard holders in the future.

“Students have been asking for this service and we’re pleased to be able to provide it,”  says Shail. “It’s nice to be able to present your TCard and like the photo on it. So with MyPhoto, students will be happy not just with the card itself, but with the convenience of getting it, too.”

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