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2011 Steacie Prize awarded for nanotechnology-enabled disease diagnosis

December 13, 2011

Professor Shana Kelley of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy is the winner of the 2011 Steacie Prize, marking the third consecutive year that a University of Toronto professor has received this prestigious award.

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Former architecture dean recognized for excellence as educator

December 12, 2011

Professor Emeritus George Baird, former dean of the University of Toronto's John H.

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U of T student named Ontario Rhodes Scholar

December 12, 2011

Steven Wang, a graduate of Trinity College at the University of Toronto, has been named an Ontario Rhodes Scholar for 2012.

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Harnessing technology for better teaching and learning

December 8, 2011

Technology and the way we use it is always changing in all fields including postsecondary education.

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Reading Abrahamic Scriptures Together

December 8, 2011

At this time of year, amid the flurry of holiday shopping and end of semester bustle peace, understanding and good will toward one’s fellow human beings maybe the last thing on people’s minds.

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Computer science could shed new light on dark poem

December 7, 2011

Unique research that brings technology to bear on T.S. Eliot’s famous poem, The Waste Land, promises to reveal insights that human readers may not find on their own and undergraduates are part of the project.  

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Aboriginal health concerns not exclusive to Ontario’s northern communities, says new research

December 7, 2011

More than 60 per cent of Canada’s Aboriginal population live in urban areas and are experiencing high rates of illness, poverty and challenges in access to food and housing security, new University of Toronto and St.

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Future of forestry on display

December 6, 2011

Does the future of forestry depend on the auto industry?

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Ancient meat-loving predators survived for 35-million years

December 6, 2011

A species of ancient predator with saw-like teeth, sleek bodies and a voracious appetite for meat survived a major extinction at a time when the distant relatives of mammals ruled the earth.

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Lab-on-a-chip will revolutionize HIV monitoring in developing countries

December 6, 2011

The World Health Organization considers HIV a worldwide pandemic. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, more than 22 million people are living with it.

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