In photos: U of T students make a much-anticipated return to campus

a pair of students, helped by a volunteer, bring their belongings to residence at UTM
Students move in ahead of the first day of classes at U of T Mississauga this week (photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Students returned to the University of Toronto’s three campuses this week, many with suitcases in tow – and at least one who wheeled her way back to school on roller skates.

While move-in days at residences looked a little different than they did before the pandemic, there was a familiar element: the palpable excitement as students got their first glimpse of their new digs and met other students who could well become lifelong friends. 

The following images were captured by U of T Communications photographers who visited residences on each campus to document the prelude to another school year.

(Photo by Dylan Toombs)

There was a warm welcome on hand at U of T Scarborough’s Joan Foley Hall, which overlooks the scenic Highland Creek Valley.


(Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Many students received a helping hand from friends, relatives and student-volunteers in blue t-shirts as they moved into their rooms at U of T Mississauga.


two students smile for the camera at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus

(Photo by Dylan Toombs)

A sunny day matched the mood at U of T Scarborough as students got settled in their dorms. 


Victoria College quad. Burwash Hall in the background.

(Photo by Diana Tyszko)

Whether you’re commuting to campus or living in residence, the Victoria College Quad is a popular spot for students looking to relax and get some sun on the St. George campus. 


A staffer helps a new student check into residence at UTM

(Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Front desk staff were at the ready to answer any questions at U of T Mississauga.


(Photo by David Lee)

Masked and physically distanced, students line up for lunch at Chestnut Residence on the St. George campus, where in-person dining has returned with a focus on cooking from scratch and made-to-order meals that use local, sustainable and fair trade ingredients. More plant-based options are also available for vegetarians, vegans and anyone looking to increase their intake of leafy greens and vegetables.

Food stations are open, staff are excited to be back to work and mobile app pre-ordering is available at some locations. All food services practices have been approved by U of T's Office of Environmental Health & Safety.


(Photo by Lisa Lightbourn)

There's more than one way to get around the St. George campus. 


(Photo by Nick Iwanyshyn)

Students bust a move on move-in day at U of T Mississauga.


two male students carrying bags and pushing luggage as they move into residence at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus

(Photo by Dylan Toombs)

Students roll in with suitcases in tow at U of T Scarborough. After a long day of moving, that neck pillow may come in handy.


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