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Paw and order: U of T law students, staff and faculty bring furry companions to Doggie Day

Amadeus is the centre of attention on Doggie Day, a semi-annual event at the Faculty of Law that helps students unwind before exams (all photos by Geoffrey Vendeville)

Students in the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law recently took a pause from their studies to shake paws on Doggie Day, a twice yearly event  held in the spring and fall before exams. 

The faculty’s student health and wellness committee put on the event as part of its stress-busting programming. This year, 20 dogs reported for duty and about 200 students got cuddle time with a canine.

U of T News writer and photographer Geoffrey Vendeville was on hand to capture some of the very good dogs that attended law school for a day. 

Cockapoo Emmy at law students' doggie day

Elsie Tellier, a first-year law student, takes a moment to confer with her client Emmy, a six-month-old cockapoo.


Dog at student services in Faculty of Law

You may approach the bench, preferably with treats. 


Minnie and Thumper dogs at Faculty of Law

Forestry student Joshua Quattrociocchi's pal Minnie, left, has been found guilty of cuteness in the first degree; Let the record show that Thumper knows how to give a paw for treats.


Zoey dog outside Faculty of Law

Zoey takes first-year law student Lien Shi out for a walk.


Cosmo Great Pyrenees dog at Faculty of Law

The bunny ears are nothing short of defamatory; Cosmo will see his pal Zac Kroll, a second-year law student, in court.


Wilson and Sharo

Second-year law students Venessa Sectakof and Lynn Westerhof take advantage of Sharo and Wilson's office hours. 




November 21, 2019

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